Located in Fergus, Grand Bookkeeping offers a flexible Bookkeeping service to small businesses, serving Centre Wellington and surrounding areas.

p3Perhaps not something to admit to at parties, but I actually enjoy doing bookkeeping!  I find it very satisfying to take a stack of receipts and invoices and work through them to finish up with an orderly, fully referenced pile ready for filing.

Coming from a family background consisting of a Bank Manager and Accountants, I guess it seemed only natural to find myself working for a major bank in the UK for many years, taking on various accounting functions.


Record Tel Inc.

As a busy owner of a growing local company, I would rather use my time generating sales and meeting customers than sitting in my office entering debits and credits in the general ledgers.  The time and effort it takes to set up and tend to a bookkeeping system would mean less time with customers.  That’s where Grand Bookkeeping has provided a solution to enable me to run my business knowing that my books are accurate and up-to-date which helps with decision making.  Most of all, I know my books are in safe hands.

  Pilling Foods Inc.

I launched my new food company this year, and I’m incredibly busy concentrating all my time and energy on growing the business.  I really needed someone who I could trust, who takes the time to understand how my business works, as well as being reliable and flexible.  I am so grateful to Grand Bookkeeping for looking after my bookkeeping needs, I can’t recommended you highly enough, thank you so much!

  Mac Pat Rotac Ultralight Aircraft

We run a small and very busy business and keeping our books up to date isn’t necessarily as high on our list of priorities as it should be! So we are very grateful to Grand Bookkeeping for being there for us, always pleasant, helpful and flexible.

Grand River Soft Wash

We have used the services of Grand Bookkeeping for a number of years and are very happy with the way our books are maintained.  Having the convenience of someone collecting and returning your documentation is great when you are running a very busy company.  They also genuinely take an interest in how our business works and are completely reliable, we have never missed a deadline with our filing!  Thank you for taking the time to look after our bookkeeping needs.

McGill Photography

I have no hesitation in recommending Grand Bookkeeping, a local business in Fergus that takes care of my bookkeeping needs so I can focus on my own business.  It’s the peace of mind that I was looking for, whether I’m away on a photo shoot or making the occasional mistake, my books are accurate, up to date and my accountant is happy.